Compliance Program

A Compliance Program defines how an organization will ensure that it complies with Federal and State regulations in the daily performance of its operations. The Office of the Inspector General has provided guidelines specifically for Third Party Billing companies which United Medical Solutions has adopted as the foundation of their Compliance Program.

UMS recognizes the value of an active and evolving Compliance Program in ensuring accurate claims submission on behalf of our clients and their patients. As a result, UMS has implemented a program that makes compliance procedures the main focus of our daily operations.

United Medical Solutions utilizes HIPAA compliant software for claims submission, ensuring timely reimbursement in addition to meeting the legal requirements of HIPAA.

Privacy Notice

UMS has also implemented policies and procedures that address the privacy and security requirements of HIPAA. This includes the use of Business Associate Agreements to define the use of protected information in accordance with the regulations.

Complying with HIPAA regulations is simply an extension of their goal to treat both the provider and the patient with the utmost respect and professionalism.

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